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Whittier author, local publisher shares thoughts about 13th amendment

Celebrating WhittierIn a blog posted today by Pamela Fenner, the author, Whittier Home board member, and owner of the independent publishing house Michaelmas Press shares her thoughts about Whittier’s reaction to news about the passage of the 13th amendment.

“Whittier was not an orator, like Wm. Lloyd Garrison or Frederick Douglass, but rather used the power of the pen as an editor and as a poet against slavery,” Fenner writes. “African-Americans of the 19th century called him “The Poet Laureate of Freedom.” I was confident that Whittier must have marked such a momentous day in the nation’s history with a poem. I wasn’t disappointed—Whittier penned “The Proclamation” in January, 1863…” Read more

Fenner has written and edited several books about Whittier, all of which are available on the Michaelmas site.